Funny Crazy Fail People: Shopping Fail Picture

Shopping Fail Picture

This parent his failing big time. In the other hand using your kid to hold the grocery bags is a great idea! I wish I had a kid to try this. It's a good idea because those baby buggies don't have much spare space. The only spare space that they have is filled with the baby!

I thing the baby buggy manufacturers should give this some thought and add extra compartments for grocery bags. Or maybe they have already. Ok, let me check this at the shop wiki site…

I'm entering the search query "baby buggies with grocery bags compartments" and other similar ones as we speak and… I end up at this page with photos of baby products and a prams buying guide . Nope, they don't seem to have grocery compartments! Someone should hint those manufacturers about the grocery bags. I mean, this is SO important!

Ok, but I didn't leave the shop wiki site empty handed, no. Their nursery furniture category has plenty of other interesting stuff for babies. Check out this other page with baby cribs for sale for instance. They look great! If only I had a baby… Hey, wait! I wonder if the also make baby buggies for grownups! Here I go again…


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